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Within the Achmea holding, Financial Risk Management (FRM) is responsible for the second-line risk management of market risks, insurance technical risks, counterparty risks, and liquidity risks. The insurance technical risks include premium and reserve risk, disability and work incapacity risk, catastrophe risk, life risk, and healthcare risk.

FRM also develops and maintains the methodology of the partial internal model used for Solvency II calculations. The tasks of FRM have a direct impact on Achmea, are highly challenging, and require strong mathematical insight. Within the department, you can exchange ideas and there is plenty of room for personal development.

As a Senior Financial Risk Manager, you will be responsible for the development of a part of the internal model for market risk. You will be project lead for significant model changes and will also conduct reviews on strategic projects. You will initiate improvements for financial risk management and act as administrator of one or more financial risk policies. Additionally, you will mentor or coach colleagues, maintain contacts with management and regulators, share knowledge, and cultivate a network.

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Achmea is the largest insurance group in the Netherlands. FRM is Achmea's second-line risk management department responsible for financial risks, including market risks, insurance technical risks, counterparty risks, and liquidity risks. FRM's goal is the effective management of financial risks and the optimization of the risk profile for sustainable value creation. FRM supports the optimization of risk-return trade-offs.

The FRM team emphasizes maintaining a high level of expertise. Together with the Non-Financial Risk Management team, FRM forms part of the Risk Management department as a component of the Compliance, Risk Management & Actuarial staff."

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The ideal candidate for this position should have:

  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in the field of quantitative market risk.
  • Solvency II experience is a must
  • Completed a university degree in Actuarial Science, Econometrics, Mathematics, Physics.
  • Vision on financial risks in tools such as Matlab, Python, or R, applied in practical settings.
  • Experience in leading projects and/or managing colleagues.
  • Persuasive communication skills, capable of convincingly presenting and defending their ideas while being sensitive to the feelings and interests of their counterpart, while maintaining the strength of their message.

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